• Negotiation Process PowerPoint Template
  • Negotiation Process PowerPoint Template Dark

The Negotiation Process PowerPoint template is a modern and professional-looking presentation design that simplifies and clarifies the five key steps in a successful negotiation. This template is suitable for professionals who need to present negotiation strategies, techniques, and concepts simply and engagingly. The template features a circular design with a curved arrow that shows the progression of the negotiation process from start to finish. The circular layout emphasizes that the negotiation process is iterative and that the steps are interconnected.

Five icons represent the five key steps of the negotiation process PowerPoint presentation: prepare, exchange, bargain, conclude, and execute. The icons are accompanied by text placeholders where you can add your own content to describe each step in more detail. The One pager template in black and white design has extra circle designs on the periphery that reinforce your presentation's captivating and engaging. In addition, this powerpoint template is fully editable, allowing you to customize it to your needs and preferences. Download simple and informative templates now!