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Ashridge model template is a four-element diagram that covers the four concepts you must be included in your company mission statement. Sometimes you may get confused about points to have in a mission statement. Ashridge's mission model framework will erase your confusion and teach you what the significant components to highlight your company's mission are. The mission model focuses on four essential aspects: Purpose, Strategy, Values, and Behavioral Standards. There are two tangible items and two abstract items. The first two items, purpose and strategy, focus on factual aspects of business, whereas the last two items, values and Behavioral standards, discuss cultural elements.

Ashridge mission model template for PowerPoint presentation is a four-section diagram designed as a diamond model structure with a rectangle ppt design on the peripheries. The diamond shape diagram displays four elements of the mission statement in rotation. On the central hub, you can print your heading, and on the four rectangles, you can insert important details of the Ashridge model. Finally, you can show the summaries of the Ashridge model using the four-stage PowerPoint template. Ashridge model PowerPoint template has several advantages in the business presentation. First, it simply gives structure to quite a difficult task. It will help synchronize values, behaviors, strategy, and vision with the mission.

Ashridge model template is a two-slide presentation structure designed in light and dark color background ppt combination. The best way to show relationships between the elements and how one aspect depends on another. It has detailed text areas that help briefly describe each component. Besides, text boxes are decorated with symbolic ppt icons that you can use or delete. If you don’t want these PowerPoint metaphors, you can delete and drag and drop another logo further; as a common presentation structure, the Asgridge model assists any theme with four presentation elements. Also, try out our other mission and vision templates.