• 3D Column Chart Powerpoint Template

3D Column Chart PowerPoint Template

At some point in time, you may require to communicate the business statistical analytics in a PowerPoint presentation. A large set of data can’t be visualized using bullets or numbers. It can be easily demonstrated using 3D column chart PowerPoint template. It’s an effective alternative when needed to present the key performance indicators to shareholders or managers. Several alternatives are available to display the statistical data. But Column chart templates are the most commonly used statistical language to show the frequency distribution of data. These templates use cylindrical shapes to present each categorical data.

A column chart PowerPoint template is the most common and popular chart type, that can be created in a PowerPoint. The reason for the popularity is it follows human thinking. The taller the graph, the more the profit or sales. It’s a cool and customizable graph created using PowerPoint objects. Categorical data can be represented in Y-Axis or horizontal Axis, and the in X-Axis or vertical axis values are represented. In our 3D column chart template, each category has three distinctive and non-symmetrical bars, which can be used for data comparison. Each bar is represented using different colors. At the bottom of the template is the comparison table where the presenter can add the data of each category. Adjacent to the template is separate text areas for each category. The presenter can use it to add notes. The column chart template is created using PowerPoint object, making the template fully customizable chart can be edited through excel sheet, a presenter can choose the color of bars, resize the shapes as per the presentation needs which makes the bars more accentuate. The user-friendly nature of the template makes it ideal for stock and financial presentations. These column chart templates are effective for presenting customer feedback surveys, product comparisons, market analyses, etc. So go ahead and create a stunning statistical presentation using our 3D Column chart PowerPoint and Keynote template.

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