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The 12-month timeline template is an organized roadmap for business presentations in a horizontal layout. Timelines are multipurpose presentation diagrams, enabling the incorporation of any topic in the process flow sequence. The step-by-step timeline chronology helps users to display things beginning from the past and passing through to the present and future. This 12-step timeline supports the present to delineate milestones or business plans developed to be achieved in a one-year timeframe. That's why it's called 12 month timeline PowerPoint Template. The multistep of model users to customize it according to their topic, for example, steps of a business plan, strategy roadmap for the financial year, and process stages. Timelines are umbrella diagrams, so anyone can infuse a subject of interest in a timeline.

The 12-month timeline template for PowerPoint presentation is created in two background slides. The square shapes in the timeline are arranged in a straight-line flow process diagram that denotes 12 months of the year. Hence, the template can show the linear development of an event or a phenomenon. It can be used for various presentations, for example:

· Teachers and educational professionals can use it to demonstrate the 12 stages of historical evolution

· Marketing professionals can use the template to depict 12 areas of marketing

· Project managers can use it to display the strategic roadmap of the upcoming project.

It can be used for many other applications that are not on the list. Besides, the 12-month powerpoint timeline can be altered with edit options to show 12 week or 12 years timeline by changing the editable timeline dimension tag. One of the key advantages of this customizable timeline template relies on reducing the square shapes for 6-step or 8-stage business presentations. Further, the users can add infographic metaphors instead of the month’s name. One pager template in two backgrounds allows shapes, colors, and size customization accordingly. Download multistep PowerPoint designs.