• Free Agile Timeline PowerPoint Template
  • Free Agile Timeline PowerPoint Template Dark

Agile timeline PowerPoint template helps show to-do, in-progress, and completed tasks with the agile roadmap. The customizable timeline will display the project plans regarding milestones and targets. This is part of the agile project management methodology. Project leaders can use the template to demonstrate how a team can deliver the output in smaller episodes rather than cumulative releases. The agile timeline PowerPoint can be helpful for software developers to show their planned framework. IT professionals can customize and use the timeline templates for weekly or monthly team discussions. The same RAG ( red, amber/yellow, green ) can also be usable for project status PowerPoint presentations with the three-column step designs.

Free agile timeline suitable for weekly meetings to show the project progress. Each column designs has various color combinations that help the presenter display to-do, in-progress, and completed tasks. All the boxes contain editable images and text areas with black-and-white backgrounds. The way of presentation enables the user to segregate their tasks and plan to proceed accordingly. The free PowerPoint timeline agile presentation edits titles to represent days, weeks, or years instead of months. This timeline template can be edited with all PowerPoint versions, Google Slides and Keynote.