• Interactive Flash Card Template

Conduct quizzes in your office and classrooms using the flashcard powerpoint template. The template is animated so the quiz can be conducted without breaking the flow, as all questions and answers can be accessed in one slide. There are 6 questions in a slide and the answers will be revealed with a click over the question. Once the mouse is moved from the box, the question reappears.

The flash cards can be easily edited and you can add the questions you want. The color scheme of the slides can also be changed with ease. Edit headings, layout and also add your branding to the template.

The powerpoint flashcard template is perfect for teachers and human resource managers to conduct quizzes. The slide can also be used to present other data, by asking questions and revealing the answers. This can create a sense of curiosity in the audience. The slides can be used in powerpoint, google slide and Keynote.