Background colors in PowerPoint are vital in capturing the audience's attention. This colored theme powerpoint template for the company pitch deck is a beautiful ppt design that lures your audience into the whirlpool of topics. Normally, the business presentation comes in slides of black and white background colors rather than other color codes. Often, a business pitch deck or company profile presentation has the same themes and content presentation charts and diagrams. But, if you create a company history slide in the same tone and color you have already taken for a previous presentation, your viewers may yawn when seeing it. So, when we go with an investment presentation or effective annual growth rate to your stakeholders, you need colorful company overview presentation designs. So, we recommend a purple slide for an engaging business presentation.

The purple presentation template can be created by any powerpoint designer, even without a strong knowledge of color mixing. However, the design's neat and clean layout only be handled by a professional powerpoint designer. If you want to mix a purple color in your powerpoint collections, the hex code is # A020F0. Purple is a mix of red, green, and blue colors. It comprises 62.7 % red, 12.5 % green, and 94.1% blue. Its CMYK value is 33 % cyan, 87% magenta, 0% yellow, and 6 % black. However, the purple background powerpoint business presentation also has yellow and white shads all over the board. In addition, it includes content and themes as follows.

· Cover slide purple background with white and yellow fonts

· Welcome template with photograph placeholder

· About your company slide with purple bubble creations

· Service timeline with yellow infographic icons

· Technology slide

· Digital product description slide

· Gallery template

· Product plan vertical timeline

· Event creation slide

· Solution powerpoint with VR headset image

· Profile presentation template

· Team template

· Client testimonial powerpoint

· Comparison chart ppt

· Business improvement plan template

· Connect circle infographic

· Pricing plan template

· Website mockup presentation

· Contact slide

· Purple presentation grid slide

Download creative purple powerpoint slide for your business presentation.