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  • Free-Daily-Workout-PowerPoint-Template
  • Free-Daily-Workout-PowerPoint-Template-Introduction
  • Free-Daily-Workout-PPT-Template-Introduction
  • Free-Daily-Workout-PowerPoint-Template-Warm-up
  • Free-Daily-Workout-PowerPoint-Template-Place
  • Free-Daily-Workout-PowerPoint-Template-Jump
  • Free-Daily-Workout-PowerPoint-Template-Burpees
  • Free-Daily-Workout-PowerPoint-Template-Push
  • Free-Daily-Workout-PowerPoint-Template-Squats
  • Free-Daily-Workout-PowerPoint-Template-Planks
  • Free-Daily-Workout-PowerPoint-Template-Lunges
  • Free-Daily-Workout-PowerPoint-Template-Yoga
  • Free-Daily-Workout-PowerPoint-Template-Leg-Raise
  • Free-Daily-Workout-PowerPoint-Template-Rest
  • Free-Daily-Workout-PowerPoint-Template-Exercise
  • Free-Daily-Workout-PowerPoint-Template-Thank-you

Download free daily workout PowerPoint Template for Gym theme presentation

The free PowerPoint daily workout template is made for fitness professionals, trainers, enthusiasts, and Gyms to showcase their services and the toolkit of exercises they provide to clients. This slideshow features 18 slides in thematic designs that cope with your gym presentation with all the images you want to get through. When you go with virtual fitness classes, presenting a new exercise routine, or presenting fitness goals and achievements, this template provides the perfect backdrop with 100 % editable diagrams. These easy to customize PowerPoint Slides for Free Download will inspire others to embrace a healthier lifestyle with its perfectly placed themes and images.

Why free PowerPoint templates?

Free PowerPoint templates are readily available to help users with creative and professional presentation designs without financial constraints. It offers a diverse range of templates for various industries that save users valuable time and effort in crafting visually appealing slideshows. The generosity of providing free templates adopts a collaborative and accessible environment, democratizing the tools for effective communication. This democratization ensures that individuals and organizations, regardless of budget limitations, can access high-quality designs, encouraging inclusivity and enabling a broader audience to deliver impactful presentations. Overall, free PowerPoint templates contribute to a more equitable and vibrant landscape for communication and information sharing. Besides, most of the PowerPoint agencies like to create free slides for their advertising purposes as well.

The workout presentation template for free download is useful for fitness instructors, gym owners, health and wellness coaches, and individuals to empower their clients on their wellness journey. This daily workout PowerPoint slide contains 18 slides in the following order:

  • Cover slide
  • Introduction slide with hexagon-shaped image placeholders
  • Personal profile presentation
  • Warm-up in a timeline show
  • Running in place
  • Jump rope
  • Burpees
  • Push-ups
  • Bodyweight squats
  • Planks
  • Lunges
  • Yoga poses
  • Side leg raises
  • Cool down
  • Exercise infographics
  • Thank you ppt
  • Snippet view

The free workout presentation slides for PowerPoint are white background designs in light green mix tints. It has many areas to place your texts, images, and other vector infographic cliparts. The hexagon shapes spread all the templates making an enjoyable design for fitness presentation. Download free daily workout PowerPoint Template for Gym theme presentation. Also, check out our yoga class PowerPoint deck template.