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This one is for all the Wes Anderson movie fans out there! This 9 slide PowerPoint Template is inspired by the works of Wes Anderson and his works. You can download this Wes Anderson Inspired PowerPoint Template for free and use it in anything you deem fit... maybe spread the word of the creative genius of the auteur that is Wes Anderson.

We believe inspiration is everywhere and we must seek inspiration through conscious effort and use it to fuel our creativity. Wes Anderson with his distinctive directorial style is marked by the creative use of color, tone, and quirky dialogues. We chose to focus our study on the distinct visual style which is present in all his works. Yes, we went through all Wes Anderson movies as a part of our research on identifying his unique footprints. We analyzed Wes Anderson's color palette while creating this Wes Anderson Inspired PowerPoint Template and use of symmetry. We have tried to incorporate the Wes Anderson style and bring it all together to the one thing we know best: Microsoft PowerPoint.

Each of these Wes Anderson Inspired PowerPoint Template is from a different Wes Anderson film or character. All slides have incorporated the signature design concept of the 'Centered Style'. Each slide used here will have either his geometrical design aspects or feature an unforgettable prop he used in any of his movies.

  • Title Cover: the title cover is predominantly yellow, the color he used to reflect happiness & peace.
  • Introduction Slide: The Moonrise Kingdom, one of his career-best & top-rated movies inspired us for the introduction where we used the color palette and an open camping tent, which is a crucial prop in the film. We used it to represent the starting (read opening) of this presentation.
  • Table of Contents Slide: The color scheme used here and the fence railing represent the movie Rushmore & the story of our hero Max Fischer who organized a movement to keep Latin on the curriculum of his exclusive prep school. Indeed, he is a rebel, Isn't he?
  • Lorem Ipsum: This slide for Wes Anderson Inspired PowerPoint Template is designed based on one of the much-appreciated animation movies of Wes, Isle of Dogs. In which he used real fur for the puppets in this film. Yes, you heard it right? Do we need anything else to make a texture here? Nop. But not real though.
  • Quote: We think, for showing the quote of a man who thinks none of us are normal has no color scheme other than his signature colors.
  • Timeline: For presenting a Timeline Slide, we couldn't find a better Wes movie other than 'The Darjeeling Limited which shows the voyage of 3 brothers across India. Have you ever noticed Indian trains? Most of it is in Blue color. One of the major props used in this film is a suitcase. Yeah, now you get it, right?
  • Biography: While presenting a biography slide of Wes, the movie 'The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou' inspired us which discusses the life incidents of an oceanographer. In this movie, most of the frames are filled with Ocean & deep sea. Isn't the ocean always a mystery and yet more exciting, and suspenseful to find out? Isn't Wes as well?
  • Popular Works: As an art show, displaying his most popular works in a room. The red room is an important part of the film 'The Royal Tenenbaums' where they have Zebra wall posters. Well, exactly the zebra texture is used here.
  • Thank you: Thanking the audience with happiness & peace. And the color scheme of the movie 'Hotel Chevalier' as well.

Download our Wes Anderson Inspired PowerPoint Template for free!