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HOME SCHOOL POWERPOINT TEMPLATE: Our normal life pattern, traditional institutions, and mode of behaviour have been changed by the pandemic, COVID 19. Homes are turned into; offices, mini industries, and small scale factory units. At this juncture, homeschooling is one of the major attractions that people need to take admission for their kids and adults. This home school slide for PowerPoint presentation is a set of 30 profile presentation templates that enables the user to provide all information in a single pitch deck. The school ppt template will help to deliver the service and syllabus provided by school management and also with student analytics that will assist in keeping clear communication lines with the entire school community. So, the home school PowerPoint is suitable for presenting school policy and educational achievements.

Home school PowerPoint is a modern design for a company profile presentation that includes all the ingredients needed for parents to know the milestones and quality of education provided by the home school management. As it is an exclusive slide for education presentation, all the graphical elements, pictures, PowerPoint icons, and PowerPoint themes align with the academic presentation slide. The educational PowerPoint slide of homeschooling contains;

  • Introduction slide: designed with a metaphor of a kid who is writing on the worksheet
  • Table of contents
  • About us slide
  • Portfolio template
  • mission PowerPoint
  • vision PowerPoint
  • Timeline template
  • What we do slide
  • Daily activities slide
  • Success presentation PowerPoint
  • Advantages of homeschooling PowerPoint presentation
  • Team PowerPointviss
  • The core of schooling and its benefits
  • Disadvantages of homeschooling
  • Meet our teacher's template
  • Home school programs
  • Semi-circle PowerPoint for methodology presentation
  • Methodology analysis table PowerPoint template
  • Bar diagram template for educational quality analysis
  • Time and commitment Gantt chart
  • Testimonial PowerPoint
  • World map PowerPoint showing locations of homeschooling
  • contact slide

Home school ppt template contains editable graphics and illustrations, so the users can make changes according to their requirements and needs.