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Download free PowerPoint calendar 2024

Free 2024 calendar for PowerPoint presentation is a 100 % editable template for planning business meetings, events, or personal schedules in a visually compelling manner. It is created with text boxes, PowerPoint shapes, images, and other creative effects. The calendar design is a substitute for digital calendars that rarely allow you to add your own text. So, the free PowerPoint calendar template 2024 has all premium standards despite it being a free calendar template.

The free calendar slide template proves beneficial for organizing and strategizing monthly activities, setting reminders for crucial tasks, and commemorating important dates and events. Featuring individual slides for each of the twelve months, the template includes designated segments with text boxes and reminder labels. This free template helps users across various fields, providing a downloadable and user-friendly solution for incorporating effective planning into their presentations.

How to create a calendar in PowerPoint?

To create a calendar in PowerPoint, start by selecting a blank slide. Insert a table with seven columns for days of the week and six rows for weeks and use design options for adjusting the size to fit. Fill the cells with dates, and customize the design as needed. Add text boxes for month and year and consider using shapes or colors to highlight weekends or special dates. Insert icons or graphics to enhance visual appeal. Save each month on separate slides, and hyperlink them for easy navigation. Utilize PowerPoint's features for alignment and spacing to ensure a concise and organized calendar presentation.

The free PowerPoint calendar 2024 template is best for event planners to showcase dates, and times for conferences, seminars and other events. Teachers and students can take the benefit of tracking academic schedules, assignment deadlines, and important dates throughout the school year. Besides, It allows business professionals to streamline project milestones and deadlines with an attractive design.

The free PowerPoint calendar template for 2024 contains appealing images of birds and animals to lure the audience's attention. Each month has separate images in the following arrangement:

  • January - Flamingos
  • February – Tiger
  • March - Parrot
  • April – Eagle
  • May – Penguin
  • June – Peacock
  • July – Owl
  • August – Cat
  • September – Dog
  • October – Stork
  • November – Elephant
  • December – Angelfish

Free calendar PowerPoint template 2024 is created with dark mode background effects and editable layouts. Download free PowerPoint calendar 2024 now!