• Service Zoom Slides for PowerPoint and Keynote Presentation
  • Service Zoom Slides for PowerPoint and Keynote Presentation
  • Service zoom slides

Service zoom slides

Service zoom slides for PowerPoint is a minimal layout that can present key product or service items of a business enterprise. The detailed textboxes are the main highlight of the PowerPoint template. The users can write their contents in detail with a zooming effect. This template is perfect for poster presentation, or to make a brochure of your service by using the service zoom slide template. It is also used to present sporting events. For example, television channels can use this template to display scoreboard of a game. And also give details of team lineup. Product feature can be entered with this template in a descriptive fashion.

Service zoom slides for business presentation contains only two text zones in either side. The users can make it three if they add their text in the center zone. Instead of the trophy, business professional may insert their key heading in the area. For instance, if the presentation is related to the benefits of product or services, the users can insert the picture of their product or service. The presenters can change the color combination and the size of the text fonts.

Service Zoom Slides allows you have a deeper look into the particulars and functionalities of a service involved in an office, department or organization. Sometimes it just won’t be enough for the spectators that you give just bullet points or one liner hence the service zoom slides will come in handy. More of a content-based template, the service zoom slide have a larger text box letting you fill in all the required points and details you need to know about a particular product like 24*7 support, customer data to name a few. The slide is available in the white and black background; two larger square-shaped text boxes in blue shade fill the slide with a trophy illustration in the middle. We have an adequate collection of service PowerPoint slides, some of them are exclusive slide like; smartphone and web application services mockup presentation template.