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Business Logistics PowerPoint Template

The business logistics PowerPoint diagram is a self-explanatory template for presenting supply chain management concepts. The template is design as a truck illustration communicates the idea of goods distribution and the new business management curriculum of logistics and supply chain management. The container truck shows the five vital concepts of logistics that are pointing by directional arrow designs. The five concepts are: tracking, Price, Customized Services, Service Level, and Customer Experience. Each arrow are colored differently will make the audience can distinguish topics easily. The use of graphical illustrations in this PowerPoint shows core function of supply chain system. It includes planning, warehouse principles, productivity, management tips, case studies and strategies. Further, helps warehouse management professionals to demonstrate relevant information. The logistics management process of supply chain industry is deals with activity flow from point of origin to point of consumption. The template contains a full package platform in 12 different slides.

The industry logistics PowerPoint template is created with black and white background scores that might create different appeals. That is 6 slides are in black color background and 6 slides in white color background. The master diagram allows you to present the whole topic or the five concepts in a single platform. And the rest of the diagram will enable you to present the topic in detail. Each individual template is designed with decoloring technique of topic projection.

The transportation logistics PowerPoint template is an ideal template for management professionals and teaches showing the concept of Warehouse based supply marketing. Logistics mentions what occurs within one business, including the buying and transfer of raw materials, shipment, packaging, and transportation of goods to suppliers. While supply chain management refers to a larger network of outside organizations, it’s a combination of works to deliver the product to customers. The truck design for PowerPoint presentation is an editable one. The users can alter or change the effects of the diagram as per their interest and requirements.