• perceptual map template

The PowerPoint chart for perceptual mapping is a diagrammatic visualization of the perceived value of a product or a brand. The perceptual map template will cover your competitive analysis techniques, including its results. Businesses should use perceptual mapping to know how customers perceive a brand, product, or item. This mapping enables companies to understand where their products stand or position. Different customers show different kinds of interest in a product. So, knowing their perceptions about a product is important for product design and marketing. In short, perceptual mapping is a way to understand how the customer has viewed a product/service from their angle.

The perceptual map template for the PowerPoint presentation is a matrix diagram that helps plot multiple brands with evaluation. The template is a compilation of 3 matrix layout designs in six slides. It includes brand positioning, competing brands, consumer value, and market on the matrix perceptual map. This perceptual map template will show product quality, whether high or low, in the matrix graph ppt diagram. At the same time, it shows high-cost and low-cost product comparisons. People may have different perceptions according to the market segments. For example, an aged man will give importance to the safety measures of a car. In contrast, a younger chap will show more interest in its pickup and speed. So, product perception is different from one another. You can see a ppt graph for product positioning. It will visually display where your product stands. It also helps the customer compare with other products and make a purchase decision based on the position mapping.

The quadrant matrix diagram of the perceptual map PowerPoint template visually explains customers’ perceptions of your products/services. The circle and square ppt designs will help precisely show your perceptual mapping. Further, you can change the color codes and shapes using the PowerPoint change options. For example, the square and circle ppt shapes or spots could be replaceable with other polygonal shapes. Also, try out our competitive analysis landscape template and combine these to make captivating presentations.