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  • Playbook Slide PowerPoint Templates

Looking for a single-page company profile template for PowerPoint presentations? Check out One Page Company Profile, a fully editable presentation template that covers all the major information you need for your company profile on a single slide. It can be modified easily to create the perfect single-page company profile slide within minutes.

The template comes in light and dark themes, which can be easily modified to suit your branding needs. The template is divided into 3 main sections. Here’s an example of using this template for your company profile:

You can add your company logo, name, and a brief description in the first section. The middle section will cover details about the services you offer. Finally, in the last section, you can discuss your company’s advantages, any good results you’ve made, and contact information. The template also has tables and graphical elements that help you convey your message effectively. The design is simple, ensuring that your company profile slide fits in with the rest of your presentation.

This single-page company profile template has been designed to convey information effectively to your audience. The graphics help guide the viewers to important parts of the slide. The ample amount of white space helps the slide look uncluttered, which also helps prevent information overload for your viewers.

This template is perfect for the following types of presentations:

  1. Investor presentations – a company profile slide can showcase your company’s business model, financials, and growth prospects.
  2. Business proposals – can include background information about your company and its capabilities.
  3. Job interviews – to be shared with the candidate to give an overview of the company.
  4. Sales presentations – a slide can be shared with clients to provide details about the company and its products.
  5. Annual general meetings – to provide an overview of the company’s performance and plans for the future.
  6. Marketing presentations – to show the company’s background, expertise, and experience.

To get started with this template, download it, customize the colors, add your text, and your company profile slide is ready! Use this template to create an impressive company profile slide in a few minutes. Also, check out our vast collection of powerpoint templates.