• Activity Based Costing PowerPoint Slide
  • Activity Based Costing PowerPoint Slides

Activity Based Costing PowerPoint Slide is a highly professional financial presentation template. This presentation template has the erudite design of activity-based costing. The users can easily transmit the idea of activity-based costing with the simple ppt slide though the topic seems to be a complex ideology. Activity based costing or ABC costing is a method used to find production costs. It breaks down overhead costs between manufacturing-related activities. It is a system of assigning overhead and indirect costs to products/services. The cost calculations are based on activities that may be any event, task, or unit of work with a specific goal. This costing method is used in product costing, target costing, product line profitability analysis, service pricing, and customer profitability analysis.

The PowerPoint Slide for Activity Based Costing presentation is exceedingly a necessary design for finance and accounting professionals and companies engaging with financial services. However, it is also useful to commerce and accounting teachers, professors, and academic experts. Financial presentation templates help storytelling presentation with the sequential flow and metaphoric images if included in the slide. Therefore, the users can add matched pictures and case studies to the template for an inspiring finance presentation. This Activity Based Costing template contains labels defining each level with seven elements.

Activity Based Costing PowerPoint Template is a One Pager finance document with seven important aspects of activity-based costing. These aspects are labeled in the top boxes, including develop cost objects, group cost objects, develop process maps, identify cost elements, map GL costs, allocate costs, and verify economic logic. It has column-based bullet point text holders that allow the users to detail activity-based costing with descriptions. The PowerPoint boxes on the top layer are connected with each other. So, the design is perfect for showing the relationship between concepts and events. Users can change color backgrounds and mix using edit options. Also, check out our collection of financial presentation templates now!