• Spheres Levels Powerpoint and Keynote template

Spheres Levels PowerPoint Template and Keynote slide

Spheres levels PowerPoint and keynote template is crafted with modern vector graphics. The template is suitable to display value propositions. It can be utilized as an alternative to conventional bar graphs and charts. The glass tumbler and the liquid illustration create an awesome look to the PowerPoint. It can use to illustrate a report on sales and marketing. Spheres levels template is a creative design containing five stages of different value or percentages and created with PowerPoint shapes so you can easily edit the chart and its color properties. The five stages of business growth and development can be demonstrated by the sophisticated eye-catching illustration.

Spheres levels PowerPoint template is a common presentation design which may consume any topic and concept. The design is useful for the illustration of sales figures during a particular period. Academic presentation also suitable with this design as well. For example, environmental sciences can display the amount of rainfall over a period of time. The attractive color combination and the growing progression surely stimulate the engagement of audiences. The presenters can modify or change the color combination if the color combination is decided to change; it may change the appearance in total.

Sphere diagram for PowerPoint are so scientific and imaginative at the same time. It has imagery of glass spheres that has colored liquid at various levels to indicate the percentage values. This is the most creative explanation on bar graphs. The color evolution is also carefully done so as to get a feel of cumulative progression. This is very well suited to explain scientific proportion of chemicals, Medicines or even to reveal any test detail of sample products. Each circle has an explanation below them that can feature any more information. The colors and proportions are fully editable to suit your data set. Sphere level template is available as PowerPoint and Keynote templates.