Eisenhower Matrix Template Ppt

The quadrant shape PowerPoint shows the Eisenhower matrix that communicates the prioritization of tasks related to four variables. The four segments show the 2 methods ordered as “important” and “urgency”. It can also display sticky notes or post-it notes to complement the concept of the Eisenhower matrix of PowerPoint. The presenters can simply highlight the Eisenhower concept of decision-making methods. Normally, human beings are confused with the tasks to arrange in a prioritization manner. Which task should give prime important? And which one should subdue in the second position? This is the question everyone undergoes. The former president of the United States, Dwight D. Eisenhower outlines a decision making task matrix when he was working as a general in the United States Army. Eisenhower had to make hard decisions incessantly about which of the many tasks he should focus on each day. This finally led him to formulate the world-famous Eisenhower principle, which today helps us select by urgency and importance.

Eisenhower matrix PowerPoint template is a decision-making diagram that helps in finding smart solutions such as business decisions, marketing, social and economic issues. it shows the urgency in the x-axis and importance is on the y-axis.

  • Square shape1- Urgent and important: it is Do the first task to be done the same day. For example, review an important sales report for your manager.
  • Square shape2- Important and Not Urgent: You should list tasks you need to put in your calendar here. Example, the restart of your morning walk or daily gym activity.
  • square shape3- Not important and Not urgent: The tasks which do not donate the person’s/company’s goals. Here, the approach is to avoid such activities and utilize time on important and urgent matters.
  • Square shape4- Urgent, Not important: delegate to another department or resource to complete an activity. E.g. Book a flight.

The Eisenhower matrix template for PowerPoint presentation is a 2 slide presentation deck that created with general PowerPoint objects, so it is useful for any type of presentation with editable options.

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