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  • C Level Org Chart PowerPoint Template Dark

The C-level org chart PowerPoint template presents a simple org structure to delineate the deployment of C level executives of the organization. This minimal organizational chart template lets the audience easily grasp the hierarchical order of company decision-makers. For example, the chairperson is at the top in this template, and the CEO is just below. On the next layer, other chiefs such as CSO, CMO, CHRO, CID, COO, CFO, GC, CRO, and CTO. C level Org Chart in PowerPoint allows the user to introduce company directors and chief officers to the newly recruited employees. You can add boxes to your organizational chart PowerPoint presentation according to your company hierarchy.

C suite org chart template for PowerPoint contains black and white PPT background with colored boxes. It shows the upper strata of your company and the flow of decisions from one end to another. Chairperson is on the top of the ladder. This neat, clean PowerPoint is designed with creative and engaging visual graphics. Everyone in an organization has definite portfolios, responsibilities, and work assignments. Users can set out these work assignments and how the works flow into a particular employee. Alternatively, you can download a powerpoint org chart template with headshots to deliver a more complex org structure.