• burndown chart template

Burndown chart Template is the best tool in PowerPoint to show your project details before clients or higher officials. A burndown chart is a graphical tool used by project managers to track the status of a project and estimate the completion date. The graph shows the total number of tasks remaining at any given time and how that number decreases over time as work is completed. This allows project managers to predict when a project will be finished accurately. Burndown charts can be created in software programs or on paper. They are an essential tool for every project manager.

This ten slide Burndown Chart PowerPoint template allows you to create statistical data using powerpoint graphs, bar charts, line diagrams etc. With Slidebazaar's Burndown Chart ppt template, you can quickly and easily create professional-quality burndown charts for your projects. In addition, the template is fully customizable so that you can fill in your project details with customizable options.

The burndown chart template can be downloaded in two different colour backgrounds- black and white. It is an editable chart with all the necessary fields for tracking your project milestones, progress, and overall status. This is a great tool for keeping your team organized and updated on the project's progress.