• One Pager Business Plan Template
  • One Pager Business Plan

One pager business plan template provides a broad view of the company portfolio in a summarized theme design. This vector graphic help maps out the most crucial elements of the business model. Executive summaries are essential for briefing business plans and reports. This business plan slide also helps consolidate information into a single yet easy-to-understand dashboard template. It includes business purposes and KPIs to share with company stakeholders and partners. The users can copy this slide to merge with existing business plan decks to show the company's overall features during the PowerPoint presentation's final session. Adding important information to a concise business plan template ensures that your company introduction and reports are transmitted effectively.

The one-pager business plan powerpoint template has seven sections to illustrate vital information. Each column has been designed with a different breadth and width, allowing the required space to add text. It includes topics such as business agenda, objectives, strategies, vision, mission, action plans, and returns. Each column also has symbolic icons that are matching with the topic. For example, the business agenda section has a clipboard document design, the objective area has chat signs, the strategy section is designed with jigsaw puzzle pieces, the actions plan shows a digital calendar, and the return section has a donut chart that will show yearly returns in comparison. In addition, the customization options let you create different infographic designs instead of the default features.

The one-page template business plan for the powerpoint presentation comes in two background slides. The white color slide and black color slide is a copy, but it looks different because of the background color variation. The partition of the sections is more evident in the black ppt background than in the white background. The users can add a different set using powerpoint color fill options. Further, users can change graphics or text fonts for an inspiring business presentation. Download one-pager slides for simple ppt presentations.