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Start stop continue template is a feedback presentation PowerPoint that can help project retrospective meeting discussions. Start refers to activities and behaviors to improve project processes, reduce waste, and positively impact how your team functions. Stop your activities and behaviors if the project is going with inefficiency, wasteful or negative impacts on team functions. Continue refers to activities and behaviors you’ve tried out and adored but aren’t yet part of your basic practices. The PowerPoint start stop continues helped create a retrospective board by adding this start-stop-continue template. The traffic light color RAG (Red, Amber/yellow, Green) report presentation model will perfectly convey specific activities. The red symbolizes stoppage, the Green represents the start, and the yellow denotes continuation after seeing around.

The start, stop and continue presentation template offers retrospective reports for all kinds of project teams, including software development, program reviews, executive reviews, and personal performance evaluations. This feedback framework help collects individual and group feedback to improve the process. A project retrospective is a part of scrum management where the activities and outcomes of the last sprint are examined, and a suggestion for improvement is made. If you need a scrum management infographic or project retrospective template, you can download it from our gallery and add it to your PowerPoint collections.

The start stop continue slide has two variant designs in four slides. The first slide is a note presentation model with a traffic color signal model. The presenters can add titles on the top layer and descriptions on the white color space. The second slide is an upside-down model of the first slide; it creates reverse-order color mixing. You can add a topic to the circle designs and provides descriptions in the notepad diagram. You can change the black and white ppt background if you want a different attire. Download project management templates now!

Like Start, Stop, Continue, another model that can be used for setting priority is MoSCoW Model template.