• Critical To Quality Slides
  • Critical To Quality Slides

Critical to quality slide is a customer-centric business presentation design in simple themes. Critical to quality, also known as CTQ, are the key elements of product/service when the customer is considered most important. This Six Sigma tool identifies the customer's requirements and translates data into scalable product and process requirements. It enables business professionals to understand the features of products/services that would be preferable from the customer's point of view. Before initiating an improvement plan, it is vital to determine the characteristics of products/services critical to quality as judged by the buyers. This is the core of CTQ analysis. The powerpoint business presentation can be used as a learning tool, educational ppt, or a common presentation design for all presentations.

Critical to quality slide is a 3-step design. The CTQ framework is a tree diagram that prioritizes customers' requirements. It helps takes the initial customer longings and turn them into measurable deliverables. However, this particular design is created to show the three important components of the CTQ tree. First, business professionals can attain data through customer interaction. After analyzing customers' feedback, their needs are broken down into three component areas.

Need – What customer needs will be met by your product/services

Drivers - What are the features a customer might be considered when judging the quality of your product/service?

Requirements - What measures should be taken to meet drivers according to customer standards?

Critical to quality slides for powerpoint presentation is a three-stage presentation diagram in timeline design. The most common powerpoint design can be used for many displays in a minimal template. It contains three arch shapes in a consecutive flow. Each arch shape also has a bullet point text placeholder spot. The presenters can add their main heading on the top surface and put their sub-titles just on top of the arch. Use black and white minimal ppt design for Critical to a quality presentation.