• cognitive behavoral therapy

Cognitive-behavioral therapy PowerPoint template contains the concepts of therapeutic approaches of modern psychology. This diagram is created with three variations of PowerPoint designs: a Venn diagram, a Pyramid diagram, and a timeline PowerPoint template. Each of the variants is encrypted with the different concepts of Behavioral therapy. Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is a method of psychotherapeutic treatment that helps people understand how to classify and change negative or troubling thought patterns that adversely influence behavior and emotions. The process of CBT is focused to learn the major factors that arouse destructive feelings. These factors are thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, i.e., behavior creates ideas, thoughts create a sense, the surface creates behavior. All these elements are beautifully inserted in the psychology ppt template. So, the teachers of psychology can make a PowerPoint presentation by saving their valuable time.

Behavioral therapy ppt template contains simple vector images along with text placeholders. Even though it is a specifically created PowerPoint for displaying the components of Cognitive Behavior Therapy, it will also be suited for business PowerPoint presentations. So, the presenters can make use of different PowerPoint presentations related to education and business. For example, the timeline template of behavior therapy components could be altered and put your presentation topics chronologically. Similar changes could be applied in the introductory PowerPoint Venn diagram and with the pyramid PowerPoint design.

PowerPoint for cognitive behavior therapy presentation comes with black and white background. The presenters can change the effects, size, and font styles according to the depth and the number of texts. The rotation effects of the introductory template may also be used for presenting the circle process of business development. Download different types of problem-solving PowerPoint templates from our gallery and make your presentation inspiring. Get ready for a thrilling psychology presentation using a behavior therapy PowerPoint diagram.