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5S PowerPoint Template & Keynote Diagrams

Download 5S PowerPoint template to draft presentation of lean manufacturing and Kaizen using the 5S Model.  The 5S framework is a Japanese methodology which educates the professionals on how to manage and create a productive workplace. The 5s in the framework describes the steps of the workplace organization process.  The components of this methodology are systematic arrangement, sort, shine, standardize, and sustain.  All these factors are taken into consideration to create a clean and effective workplace.   In such workplace possibilities of optimum outcome is maximum, and professionals love to work in such an effective organization. The 5S framework doesn’t appeal for cleanliness in an organization but for also maximization of efficiency and profit.

These 5S PowerPoint template start with an intro of the whole process, followed with a description of each process.  5S designs facilitate in eliminating lost productivity from delayed worktime or unplanned work structure.  All 5S PowerPoint templates in our collection are highly editable, you don’t have to spare much effort in modifying it as our expert designed has already explained the core elements in the slides.