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5'S Diagram Template for PowerPoint

The five-step PowerPoint template for 5’S idea presentation is a creative idea presentation template for process presentation. 5’S diagram PowerPoint template is showing five methodologies for workplace organization. It is a real application of the five-step diagram for PowerPoint presentations that you can download and use to create presentations on Kaizen and Lean Manufacturing using the 5S methodology. 5S is an organizational methodology to effectively organize and display the flow of a process. The five concepts are using instead of five Japanese words that has its own meaning. These five concepts are Sort, Straighten, Shine, Systemize and Sustain. The 5S system is a lean manufacturing tool that increases workplace efficiency and eliminates waste. By providing a systematic framework for organization and cleanliness, 5S aids facilities and eliminate lost productivity from delayed work or unplanned downtime.

The 5S diagram ppt template for lean manufacturing presentation is a simple PowerPoint diagram useful for step-by-step presentation. The different stages of the process are shown on the PowerPoint shapes. Each concept can be displayed with the support of PowerPoint icons that may be matched with your presentation theme. The presenters can elaborately detail the five concepts and its implications. The main idea of the Kaizen process involves removing unnecessary tools and materials from a workspace. Only what is needed at a given location should be kept there, this frees up space for the rest of the process. This idea can be modeled even the small size industries as well as the large industries.

The five-stage ppt template for 5 S diagram presentations is a professional template suitable for hierarchy presentation. The vertical PowerPoint template has multiple uses regarding to business or academic presentation. Company vision and agenda presentation is ideal with this ppt diagram. It can be used to add some text like company profile or motivational quotes. So it’s a generic PowerPoint design appropriate for marketing presentation as well.