• E-Waste Slide PowerPoint Template
  • E-Waste Slide PowerPoint Templates

The E-waste powerpoint template presents a metaphoric illustration featuring e-waste management. The one-pager slide for environmental presentation is attractive in earthy shades of olive green and yellow mix. The instructive design model is suitable for educational ppt presentations to build a new generation; they should seriously take e-waste disposal and recycling as crucial for living beings and mother earth. So, this is the social commitment presentation slide designed for corporates to disseminate the significance of e-waste management worldwide. The picture illustrates the main content theme, including types of waste, ecology of waste management, waste, and recycling process. The e-waste slide is ideal for professionals looking to increase awareness about sustainable practices for their organizations.

E-waste presentation template for powerpoint presentation can be used for teaching what e-waste is, why it is important to recycle e-waste, what are the threats it produces, how to properly recycle electronic waste, and what measures taken to prevent dumping e wastes. These are crucial questions that necessitate answers from governments, corporates, and the people. The discarded electronic products are called e wastes (Television, mobile phones, computers, fans, heaters, fax machines, stereos, etc.). In addition, most electronic products contain some toxic materials, including mercury, cadmium, beryllium, and lead, which cause serious environmental risks to our air, soil, water, and wildlife. So, experts in the field commit to learning and teaching how to dispose of and recycle e-waste. That is why our designers created this e-waste presentation slide.

The e-waste powerpoint template can be used for both PowerPoint and Google Slides presentations. It is designed as 100 % customization, including images, shapes, and text fonts. The background ppt colors in a two-tone combination are also open to change. In addition, the template contains four text description zones to insert your texts. So it is adaptable whether you are looking for an e-waste management presentation or want to use it for another subject. You just need to replace the core theme. Check out our other eco-friendly powerpoint illustrations now!