• falling domino designs

Domino Falling Infographics are a metaphor for showing the cause-and-effect relationship. So, it is a subtle design for presenting business, behavior, politics, and social phenomenon's actions and outcomes. The presenters can illustrate how one cause proliferates multiple effects. It can explain the ripple effect by pushing domino chips. It shows the development of events in sequence that you can interrelate with business and behavior. For example, the world's economy depends on major countries' fiscal conditions. If a recession occurs in these countries, the world slowly falls into an economic crisis. It shows single cause will lead to a chain of events. Similarly, human behavior also faces multiple issues when imbalances occur in social and mental conditions. Hence, the domino effect powerpoint could be used for domino in action and what each domino card signifies.

The domino falling infographics for PowerPoint presentations is a great slide that can help create attention-stimulating displays. It has both positive and negative sides for domino effects. Pushing starting card one over, causing it to hit another, will cause knocking down each one. This ripple effect is either beneficial or detrimental to the entire system. When you wrongly start, it will affect all steps you want to take to succeed. For example, your business will fail if you poorly draw a business plan. It shows the first action will determine success and failure. So, the domino effect theme will work in the sphere of knowledge.

The domino effect-slide for powerpoint contains six slides in three variant designs. We strongly recommend it for a business presentation to show the stopping domino effect from happening. The first slide is designed in a parallel sequence having a red card as a cause and white chips as effects. In the second slide, a carton ppt character tries to stop the domino effect. The third slide picturizes a ppt cartoon man deliberately pushing cards. All the templates are editable, let restructuring size, color, font, and text placeholders—download catchy and symbolic powerpoint slides.