• Cascade Infographics PowerPoint Template
  • Cascade Infographics PowerPoint Template Dark
  • Cascade PowerPoint Template
  • Cascade PowerPoint Template Dark

The Cascade PowerPoint template offers two variant designs in four slides that showcase a waterfall model process diagram. The descending shapes on each slide represent the different steps in the process, making it easy for viewers to understand the flow of information. Additionally, the template comes with SmartArt icons that can be used as symbols to represent topics or themes, or users can add their own custom infographics that match their subject matter. The step diagrams in each design are presented visually appealing, making it easy for presenters to capture and maintain the audience's attention. The Cascade PowerPoint template is the latest PowerPoint design for creating impactful presentations that effectively communicate complex processes and ideas.

The first slide of the cascade PowerPoint template is a five-step process presentation with black-and-white background options. The second slide is a relationship diagram of a staircase design with joining lines—this four-step process presentation in the red, green, yellow, and violet colour schemes. Users can show any topic in a process flow using the cascade template. The template is fit to display the software development process as design, implementation, verification, and maintenance. Besides software process development, it is suitable for the construction process or any other process in a sequential flow. Edit PowerPoint with your choices for academic and business PowerPoint presentations.