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Process template is a visual representation of the workflow, letting the team understand the workflow more clearly. mapping This is a necessary tool for project managers to demonstrate what responsibilities have been given to team members and how can they have done things according to the work schedule. It is also called a flowchart, process chart, process model, workflow diagram, process flowchart or a process flow diagram. Ideally, this is the breakdown structure that delineates your work schedule with the help of a visual diagram. There is a different type of process mapping techniques that have been in practice. Some are basic flowcharts, deployment maps, detailed process maps, high-level process maps, rendered process maps, and value stream maps.

Process mapping PowerPoint template provides a detailed visual of every step required to finish work objectives. The purpose of a flowchart template is to show what responsibilities are imposed on a particular person and how they can achieve the result. This is a multi-functional flow chart design, so it has different uses. For example, you can show organizational work structure as a hierarchy chart or org ppt chart. Besides, you can insert a complex workflow since it has more columns and boxes on the diagram. Therefore, this would be a worthwhile design for project managers and high-strata officials to showcase the entire process through mapping.

PowerPoint for process mapping slideshow contains ten slides in black and white background. Technically, five slides are variant in design. Each of them has peculiar workflow designs, so it will be useful for showing value stream mapping, product roadmap, basic flowchart, high-level process, and organizational hierarchy. This is a customizable process flowchart template. So, the presenters can add or delete boxes according to the material. This presentation slide for process mapping has been designed with PowerPoint object, shape, and polygonal diagrams.