Mind mapping PowerPoint template and keynote slide is an innovative creation that shows the different elements which are branching out from a single concept. The billion-dollar question is where the mind resides. The common answer is in the brain. So the brain is the central hub of the mind map. Here the circular shape in the center indicates the brain, and the branches represent the process. In a business context, mind map diagram templates are a substitute for tree diagrams. It indicates all the characters and nature of a tree diagram. That can be useful to show the different business processes.

The mind-mapping PowerPoint template is an attractive design that looks like the cover of an old horror novel. This enchanting style ensures attention and allows the audience to interact with the hosts. The mind map ppt template contains diverging lines from a central area. Each root-like shapes have text zones at the end of the root.

Mind Mapping PowerPoint template and Keynote slide is a very creative and innovative slide and looks more like branches emerging from the roots of a tree. Adopting the same idea as mind mapping, this Mind Mapping PowerPoint and Keynote template contains various branches and roots emerging from one pivotal point. There are five branches in orange, blue, black, and yellow color, and many sub-branches emerge from each branch. There is an option to enter your text or content on each of the sub-branches. You may use these mind map templates for PowerPoint presentations and Keynote slide to show the reactions and forward movements arising out of a cause or effect, the advantages and disadvantages of something, the final output of a marketing study, the behavioral study of a target group of customers, etc. The PowerPoint template is available on white and black backgrounds and can make a big impact when adopted into your meetings or presentations. The template is designed in both PowerPoint and keynote.