• stakeholder mapping template

The stakeholder mapping template is a visual matrix layout used to identify stakeholders and their interest and influence in the project. Stakeholder mapping is important for organizations to meet project success. If you don't have a stakeholder map, it isn't easy to convince them about the project and its importance. So, a stakeholder mapping template is a must for companies to communicate with stakeholders. Effective communication with stakeholders helps target goals and keep them happy. In other words, the stakeholder PowerPoint template is a communication tool that allows project managers to deal with risk mitigation plans. Creating a map and communicating with stakeholders enables managers to understand how they approach in interest to the project.

Knowing stakeholders’ interests and influence is the key to project success. The stakeholder map template presents the X and Y axis—the X-axis indicating the interest and the Y-axis representing the influence. The quadrant shape matrix will show the degree of interest and influence as low and high. For example, company CEOs or higher-level officials normally represent the increased interest and influence category. Sometimes, a stakeholder has a high level of influence but has low interest in a particular project. So each division, the quadrant shape will communicate how much interest and influence they show for a specific project. So, the PowerPoint columns display four categories: keep satisfied, manage closely, monitor and keep informed.

Stakeholder mapping template PowerPoint presentation has four slides in two variant matrix designs in black and white ppt background. The presenter can edit the slide with individual and group interests and influence the project. Designers have put icons in one variant shape design, and the other remains empty. You can add ppt icons or delete them by PowerPoint customization options. Use the stakeholder mapping PowerPoint and prepare a business influence map with your data.