• Trompenaars Cultural Dimensions Template
  • Trompenaars Cultural Dimensions powerpoint Template

Trompenaars Cultural Dimensions Template showcases 7 steps of cultural dimensions in a comparison ppt slide. This is a PowerPoint coaching model for companies dealing with employees from different cultural spheres. As corporates grow, cultural diversity will also climb. So, they need a comprehensive idea of people management featuring various aspects of culture. Trompenaar's cultural dimension template helps you teach the company's higher management and staff to adapt to different cultures. In addition, these seven cultural dimensions can help to work more effectively with from over the globe.

Trompenaars’s Cultural Dimension template for PowerPoint presentation allows seven elements of comparisons slide, a technical requirement performed in every field and level. For example, the two-section tree diagram model ppt is best for product comparisons, profile comparisons, and pros and cons PowerPoint presentations. Users can edit each element of these slides to fit the presentation needs. Trompenaars template for cultural dimension presentation comprises two slide designs with varying background color options. In addition, the comparison slide has two columns layout for comparing or contrasting each element as before and after the PowerPoint display.

In the central region, the users can add comments when describing seven elements of Trompenaar's cultural dimensions. This central portion is in discolored fashion, so it ensures audience attraction since both sides have colorful ppt designs. Presenters can change the length of these bars and edit with the infographic cliparts that are qualitative in nature. These bars have the same color on two slides and carry enough space to accommodate necessary details. The multipurpose comparison ppt allows conveniently replacing text and images according to your topic—the background color of the two slides is designed in the single color shade of black and white ppt. Trompenaars Cultural Dimensions Template for PowerPoint presentation has a colorful comparison chart that enables 100% audience attention. Download it for PowerPoint Corporate classes.