Data-Driven Marketing Powerpoint and Keynote template

  • Data-Driven MarketingPowerpoint and Keynote template
  • Data Driven Marketing Powerpoint and Keynote template

DATA-DRIVEN MARKETING POWERPOINT AND KEYNOTE TEMPLATE is a professional flat design to delineate the marketing strategies of an organization or a business. Data-driven marketing is the process by which marketers gather insights and trends by analyzing company- generated or market data, then converting these insights into actionable decisions informed by the numbers. The process of data-driven marketing relies on the use of data in order to drive marketing efforts. The goal of data-driven marketing is to optimize marketing process or strategies in accordance with the changing trends and demands of the consumer. This PowerPoint has four segments which can use to demonstrate four strategies; these four strategies accompanies by four operational actions, these actions shown in the circular wise arrows. The four strategies are: Analyze Activate, Optimize and Harvest. The operational actions are: listen, Engage, Discover and Share. These actions are appropriate for both traditional and digital marketing. The current strategies should be tackling the area where poor performance is identified. The shapes and the text zones numbered and colored in the same distinguishable manner. Therefore the viewers can easily extract the core of the presentation. The four operative actions are encompassing the entire data-driven process. For instance; optimization strategy of business in the digital world relies on these actions (listen, engage, discover, share). Our data-driven marketing PowerPoint slide provides customization options, 100% editable PowerPoint vector design create impressive strategy diagram. This template is ideal for summarizing quantitative and qualitative information.