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AIDA PowerPoint Templates & Keynotes

Download AIDA PowerPoint templates which you may use in a presentation on digital marketing, sales planning, marketing, etc.  Developed by American business entrepreneur E. St. Elmo. Lewis, in 1898. Since then, the AIDA model became a widely used marketing and advertising tool.  AIDA framework describes steps or stages through which a customer goes in the process of purchasing a product.  AIDA acronym stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, Action.  AIDA model PPT picturizes the customer journey from the time when a customer becomes aware of the brand or its product until he/she makes a purchase decision.

Designing a sales or marketing analysis presentation has always been a hectic task.  But it can be fun when you cut off the burdensome tasks. How about eliminating the strenuous task of designing visuals from scratch? Seems interesting right? It can be possible when you are equipped with the AIDA PowerPoint template. With AIDA designs, you give up your taxing task, and you save a whole lot of energy.  Now you can focus on communicating your marketing plan more efficiently, generate curiosity, and make your clients or audience desirous of buying what you are selling and finally getting them sold.  When it comes about its usability, there nothing to worry. You can conveniently refine the backgrounds, color palette, fonts, and much more.