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  • 6M of production template

6 M OF PRODUCTION TEMPLATE is a problem-solving PowerPoint slideshow created as a circular flow process diagram. 6 M denotes six techniques used to analyze entire process issues. 6 M stands for; Manpower, Method, Machine, Material, Milieu, and Measurement. In brainstorming sessions, 6 M model evaluation helps find out the root causes of a problem. So it is considered as the root cause analysis technique like fishbone analysis. This technique determines the possible impact of each solution and the difficulty of applying the solution. 6 M methodology of problem-solving is usually considered for the manufacturing industry. So, manufactures can analyze operational implications of process implementation using the 6 M of production analysis.

6 M of production PowerPoint template could be subsequently used to explain six sigmas as a continuous business problem-solving methodology. All these modern problem-solving concepts are available in attractive PowerPoint presentations. The presenters can download our collections such as DMAIC ppt, Ishikawa diagram, root-cause analysis template, six sigma PowerPoint diagram, and many more. The 6 M represents;

Machines: equipment's and tools used to do production tasks. Facility systems also fall into this group.

Methods: Production and backing processes.

Materials: Raw materials, mechanisms, and supplies used for production. General materials used for business operations (i.e., cleaning supplies, 5S supplies, etc.) also fall into this group.

Mother Nature: Climate and other natural, uncontrollable happenings fall into this group. Environmental systems are also a part of Mother Nature.

Manpower: People's problems fall into this space. Most of the common issues are really addressing methods, machine, or material issues.

Measurements: Measurements include automatic sensor readings, physical measurements, and inspections.

Each component of the 6 M production template help categorize problem and allow taking separate decisions to solve a persisting problem. This is a two-slide presentation template usable for simple PowerPoint presentations up to 6 steps.