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Swimlane Diagram PowerPoint Template

Swimlane diagram PowerPoint template is a multi-functional flow chart that illustrates who does what in process. This is a type of flow chart showing the work flow process in graphics. This is also be used as organizational work structure PowerPoint template to display work breakdown structure of a company. Using the allegory of lanes in a pool, a swimlane diagram offers lucidity and accountability by placing process steps within the horizontal or vertical “swimlanes” of a particular worker, work group or department. It shows relationships; interaction and progression between these lanes, and it can serve to focus left-over, dismissal and uselessness in a process. This is a cross functional diagram created with high-quality vector graphics for displaying job responsibilities.

As we suggests earlier, the swimlane diagram ppt template not only showing work structure and work allocation of employees in an organization but also it will serve to show the project schedules and timely intervention to finish your project assignments. This flowchart slide is useful for, project planning, program or system design, process documentation; evaluate a process for inefficiencies and incompetency, map computer algorithms and so on. This is model to show the org structure with hierarchy, and the start and end points of the process.

Swimlane diagram PowerPoint template contains many flow chart presentation slides in the single platform. All the templates are created differently, so you can use the same template for various presentations related to workflow management and project management. The cover slide of swimlane template is a unique design that shows the complexity of alignments. This is like an old weaving loom which has so many cross sections in the inner lane. After that there is number of flowchart templates for PowerPoint presentation with different work models showing various set of work breakdown structure. The presenters can use these flow chart ppt templates to display their concepts accordingly. Swimlane PowerPoint template is resourceful training platform for newly hired staff or reconstructing work assignments for existing ones.