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PowerPoint presentation aims the 100% participation of the audiences. You can present either technical or non-technical subject through PowerPoint templates, but the final aim is the conveyance of your concepts and messages. Slide bazaars designers always keen to create modern visual graphics which ensures the utmost attention and participation of the viewers. The thermometer measurement PowerPoint template and keynote template is a modern technique of statistical presentation. It can be used as a substitute for normal bar graphs. The colorful bar diagram in black and white background ensures the maximum engagement of audience. The data can be illustrated by this modern editable graphics with high comprehension.

Thermometer measurement PowerPoint template is useful to illustrate the proportional values and segmented distribution of an activity or a process. It is also used to display; market capitalization, sales developments, financial outcomes and chronological progress of the business or organization. The template includes statistical models and trends. Thermometer slide give a graphical representation of collected data and analysis based on statistical patterns. The PowerPoint can be used to show results of surveys and data experiments. Furthermore the thermometer can be used to present recession, crisis and up and down movement of an activity. The statistical distribution is widely used tool to analyze and interpret data in natural and social sciences. This fully editable thermometer PowerPoint template is a suitable tool for both business and academic presentation. The variable nature of market and the challenges and crisis related to sales achievement can be monitor by this PowerPoint slide. Data and value arranged precisely and impeccably so the user can give factual picture about the activity. Hence, the entire concepts simply transfer to the viewers. The field of applied mathematics deals with analysis, interpretation and presentation of data. There is no limit to the area where it is applicable.

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