McClelland’s need theory states every individual has three types of motivational needs irrespective of age, sex, gender, culture, or wealth. David McClelland was an American psychologist who propounded need theory with new dimensions when comparing Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. McClelland’s need theory postulates three important aspects of motivation: Achievement, Power, and Affiliation. In his opinion, these three elements are inherent in all people, so that it will act as a driving force for individual motivation. These are acquired needs shaped over time through experiences. So, it could be translated in an organizational context. Employee management becomes easy when it applies in workplaces. The pyramid powerpoint design is suitable to reveal how McClelland’s theory demonstrates its three aspects. So, business managers, psychologists, and teachers can use the pyramid template to display McClelland’s need theory.

Need for Achievement

As the concept suggests, the need for achievement is the desire to obtain milestones, goals, or accomplishments. Everyone is looking forward to achieving something that leads to social recognition. If you are a writer, you want to become popular. If you are a sculptor, you look to create a famous statue. This need drives a person to work even if that work makes it troublesome to achieve the goal.

Need for Power

Every person dreams to hold control and authority over another person. They try to influence and change things according to their decisions. People with a high need for power will try to boost their ego and reputation by imposing their ideas on others. They want to lead teams and thereby make an accomplishment.

Need for Affiliation

It is the desire to create a strong relationship with other people or groups. Persons with need affiliation tend to work with others and maintain friendships that last a long time.

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