• iceberg infographic template

Iceberg infographic template is a popular PowerPoint presentation slide revealing hidden issues of a business or a company. Most often, we cannot see the core issue behind a problem. We could see only the tip instead of the original causes of a problem. Iceberg templates are the perfect choice to delineate actual causes and effects. The typical iceberg design will help illustration of iceberg concept. This is a common analogy to explain how normal people analyze a problem by “first look” itself. Business presentations need such diagrams and charts to explain how individuals or teams could approach an issue by thoroughly understanding the actual causes that might always be invisible from our normal vision.

The infographic iceberg for PowerPoint presentation will help explain business management, psychology, medical issues, health problems, education, culture, and so on. The iceberg ppt design shows a piece of a glacier where tip projected over the blue sea, and the larger portion is invisible underwater. The template has eight text placeholders on either side wherein the presenter can put their text for explanations. Besides, each topic presentation placeholders are connected by thin lines wherein infographic PowerPoint icons are placed. This style of design will help viewers to see the textual themes easily.

Iceberg infographic template is a perfect diagram for slideshows the hidden risks associated with business or investment. It will help people inquire and look at what is under the projected areas as it aids to underline the hidden events, patterns, and compositions. It is a handy presentation tool that could be effectively used in process planning. The iceberg PowerPoint template comes in two backgrounds- light and dark. Further, it is available as both Mac keynote and Microsoft PowerPoint templates. And easy to customization according to the user’s choice. Download the iceberg infographic PowerPoint and make your presentation stunning.