• iceberg infographics

This latest PowerPoint template of iceberg design enables you to create an amazing business presentation regarding risks and challenges confronting your business amid the new wave of the pandemic. The iceberg ppt is a symbolic metaphor that shows the significance of in-depth analysis of any topic or problem that may be far away from our normal vision. The iceberg diagram is an analogy that portrays the contradiction between the hidden and the visible. It is a modern infographic SmartArt to focuses the conflicting or twofold concepts. Iceberg expresses a sensation of the vast unidentified hidden under the water, and what is visible is just a piece of the truth.

The Iceberg infographic or the iceberg PowerPoint template is used in different genres, whether it is management, human resources, psychology, marketing, or finance. It is effective in representing the hidden risk associated with any business. It is the most advanced way to transport significant facts related to your profession. The iceberg design iterates that what is seen above the water is just a small fragment of a large complex process in any business undertaking. As it aids to emphasize concealed events, configurations, and structures, it is a handy presentation tool that can be effectively used in process planning.

Iceberg PowerPoint template contains eight slides of different vector designs, including the partial view of an iceberg in the nights. This symbolic representation can be used to specify unseen problems, competitor engorgement into your market, manager and staff disputes, employer issues, resources supply, fund crisis, etc. This slide will be a perfect example to show a serious situation your company faces, and it will surely be a visual attraction to the viewers in the meeting. You can edit in the text of your taste to the topic presented all over the slide, in the water, next to the iceberg or in the open sky, etc.