Hedonic Adaptation or Hedonic Treadmill template is a psychology presentation PowerPoint focusing state of human happiness. According to hedonic theory, people tend to back to their previous state of happiness or "set point" even if they are experiencing negative or positive life changes. So, people would like to keep happy on "baselines" even though they enjoy positive pleasure. Hedonism looks for pleasure. It resembles Sigmund Freud's Pleasure Principle. Though it is not completely aligning with Freud's psychoanalysis, you can see some traits from it. Hedonic treadmill illustrates the cyclical recurrence of returning to the stationery state through the picturization of a man in a suit running inside a wheel with certain stages.

Hedonic adaption template for PowerPoint presentation is six step diagram ppt that visually shows the concept of a hedonic treadmill in an easy-to-understand layout. The hedonic treadmill can analyze with a different interpretation. For business, you can adopt the theory because it says only forward-thinking people can achieve life success when they are looking for pleasure. Success would be on the top when the amount of desire is high. So, people want more facilities and an increased chance to live well. But the hedonic adaption framework pointing a different concept by stating people would like to return to “set points” despite their negative and positive success. For example, when someone wins a lottery, they would be in a high state of enjoyment and pleasure, but after some days, they want to keep their previous relationships, so they try to return.

Hedonic treadmill diagram for PowerPoint presentation shows six stages of human ability to survive. These stages are basic human dispositions such as Desire, Strive, Obtain, Enjoy, Adapt and Desire more. The Hamster wheel powerpoint circle is symbolic illustration of hedonic adaption or hedonic treadmill. The single slide design in black and white ppt backgrounds allow alterations in theme and content. You can add information on the sections. We have variety of PowerPoint psychology templates such as Maslow’s need hierarchy ppt, big five personality traits, Herzberg’s hygiene, and motivational factors etc. you explore our gallery to add more psychology templates other than these.