• Conveyor Belt PowerPoint Template and Keynote Slide
  • Conveyor Belt Powerpoint and Keynote template

Conveyor Belt PowerPoint Template and Keynote Slide

The conveyor belt PowerPoint template and keynote slide is a unique diagram that can be used to present specific topics as well as multiple subjects. Users can illustrate cycles and procedure in the colorful slide layout. This conveyor belt powerpoint template is also used as a metaphor of industrial revolution that powered the growth of economies by organized the system of production of goods. Additionally, the PowerPoint is perfect for the illustration of newly emerged subjects like logistics and supply chain management and business activities such as shipping and delivery. The user can apply the conveyor belt PowerPoint template to any type of process.

The editable cyclic process diagram or the conveyor belt diagram lets the change and modification in the looks and appeal. The users can change the color order or reshape or resize the boxes. The arrows which show the momentum of the belt and goods also fill with colors and add more attraction to the PowerPoint template. The neat and clean template ensures the attraction of the audience and read the topic with the presence of mind.

Conveyor Belt PowerPoint template and Keynote slide will be a whole new idea to work up for a presentation but it will surely give you a heads up with this creative template. With the illustration of an actual conveyor belt, this template can be used to represent the different components, stages, methods or divisions in your business or company. It can be used for any streams like medicine, retail, academic, financial etc. On top of the conveyor belt are six colorful boxes, hence you can use any method or process which has six steps or anything in similar lines to represent this Conveyor Belt PowerPoint and Keynote template. It can also be used to summarize the main points in a presentation and even initiate the same with the index topics. You have an option to edit the headings in the boxes and also a long text box beneath to write a long description of the idea chosen; the template is available in both white and black background. The template is designed in both PowerPoint and keynote in both the aspect ratio 4:3(Normal) and 16:9 (widescreen).