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Fishbone PowerPoint Templates & Keynotes

Download the best premium and free fishbone diagram template to present cause and effect relationship of concepts or variables in your PowerPoint and keynote slides. For instance, if you want to study the root cause of a particular event or phenomenon, we can make use of the fishbone diagram PowerPoint template. The diagram resembles an actual fishbone, with a long line running down the centre pointing to the main problem hence the name fishbone diagram. Fishbone diagrams also called Ishikawa diagrams is represented in such a way that the head represents the problem or issue to be studied, all the possible causes for the problem are identified, and they are connected with arrows to the spine. Now, these causes are further broken down until the root cause is found out. To list down all the possible causes, we make use of certain models such as 7S framework,4P’s of marketing, etc.
The main advantage of using a fishbone diagram template is that it facilitates brainstorming and thereby we can list down all the possible causes. Moreover, it stimulates problem-solving in a team because while finding out the root cause of a particular problem we tend to explore all the possible causes of that problem.