• turtle diagram template

The turtle diagram template is a visual process powerpoint in the hub and spoke layout. Like the fishbone diagram, the turtle diagram portrays elements such as legs, head, tail, and shielded shell covering the overall body. Turtles’ organs exemplify inputs, outputs, criteria, and process—the process template help show effective execution and improvement of inputs, outputs, criteria, etc. In a turtle diagram, the head stands for input, the tail is output, the shell is the main hub of the process, and the legs are criteria. It will show how your organization functions and the levels of the entire process, communication, and mapping. It aids both staff and management to know the process easily.

The hub and spoke model turtle diagram powerpoint template comprises six areas. All sub-elements orbit the main process, personified by the turtle body. The six sub-elements or areas are inputs: (materials and equipment), support process, procedures, and methods—output: training & skill development and KPIs. A turtle diagram template is an umbrella diagram that could explain various business processes and models. For instance, project managers can use the chart to discuss various processes within the project and organization, i.e., inputs, outputs, and strategies, in project management. So, it has many facets. You can use it as a mind map tool as well.

A turtle diagram template for a PowerPoint presentation is created with an image of a turtle. Our designers have used a different color code to draw the turtle picture. However, it shows six areas in a two-color separation, the shell is colored with yellow tints, and the tail, head, and legs are colored green. The users can insert contents in the outer square boxes that are pointed by think arrow tipped lines. Moreover, the turtle diagram slide contains a common process ppt template other than the turtle image. The presenters can use both designs to show the main process and its areas of rotation. Try out different designs of the process diagram powerpoint templates!