• car infographic template

The car infographic template is a business presentation deck for automobile industries. It is a collaborative design with different types of car illustrations as cartoon caricatures. It is designed with high-quality content explanation charts, timelines, step diagrams, product description templates, and many useful common design trends. Besides, it is also crafted to make the presentation stand out with a minimalist and sleek design concept. A car powerpoint template is useful for car dealers, automotive brands, insurance companies and car repair businesses. All the template has packed with detailed text zones to help make the transfer of your message successful. Apart from traditional car manufacturers, EV car manufacturing companies can use the illustrated car design to explain Electric car features.

Car infographic template for powerpoint presentations helps lure the audience to listen to new features of the EV vehicle industry. For example, the car infographic with the illustration of a single silhouette car can present different components of an electric vehicle, such as a sleek design model, interior and exterior structure, the durability of the battery, and a charging socket. This slide has five areas of content placeholders with infographic car image circle designs. Each circle in the particular template has been colored violet, pink, green, blue, and orange. In addition, you can download an automotive industry template to propose or advertise the latest model of electric cars.

Car powerpoint presentation contains ten slides in 5 variant designs. Each design has multiple backgrounds of black and white ppt colors. The cover slide is designed as a timeline template with wide descriptive platforms. Next, there are three vector car callout designs for comparing car sales. This also used to be a comparison powerpoint of three versions. Next to this template, you can see a car design created with jigsaw puzzle pieces. It is worth presenting four features, including detailed text areas. The four-section vertical timeline is next to this, with car illustrations in vector designs. The car infographic for five element presentation is the ideal one, or the master slide you can use. Check out our huge collection of infographic templates now!