• Lungs Infographic PowerPoint Template
  • Lungs Infographic infographic slide

Lungs PowerPoint Template is a medical slide for presenting lung diseases and the anatomy of the lungs. This medical graphic helps boost healthcare presentations and the importance of protecting lungs from infections. So, the template is relevant, especially amid COVID-19, SARS, and Influenza. The lungs PowerPoint Shape will help you place everything about the lungs in a medical PowerPoint presentation. This is ready to use display dedicated to talking about lung diseases with the help of modern infographics. So, this is an exclusive slide for the healthcare industry to teach about the functions of the lungs and how they get infected. This lungs infographic includes vector-based lung shapes with text placeholders.

The lungs PowerPoint Template contains a diagram of lungs and four infographic icons. The brown color of the lungs provides a natural look to the image. Our designers use the medical infographic to symbolize health care presentation. These icons are a broken capsule, a physician's prescription pad, a medicine mix pot, and a syringe. The users can use these text areas to give valuable information about lungs and infections. Furthermore, the users can easily replace the text and customize the design of icons to discuss health concerns. Besides, the presenters can edit the color theme and design of PowerPoint shapes for minimalistic presentation.