• body mass index template

BODY MASS INDEX TEMPLATE is a medical infographic created for health care specialists to disseminate messages related to underweight and overweight. The graphic illustration of cartoon PowerPoint characters ensures “the medium is the message”. Body Mass Index is the value derived from the mass (weight) and height of a person. The Body Mass Index could be described using graphs and a table that shows body mass index as a function of mass and peak using contour lines or colours for different BMI groups and may operate other measurement units.

Body mass index facts:

  • Body mass index is weight in kilograms (kg) divided by height in meters squared (m2).
  • Body mass index is useful in grouping obesity, overweight, and healthy weight.
  • Overweightness is commonly demarcated as a BMI of 30 or greater, while the healthy weight for grown-ups refers to a BMI of at least 19 and less than 25.
  • A body mass index of 40 or more is habitually used to identify exceptionally fat people and at risk for serious health complications of obesity.

Body mass index PowerPoint template comes with different colour combinations of human cartoon sketches that may ease your presentation getting on the target. The Body Mass Index presentation PowerPoint shows how the height and weight of a person directly influence physical well-being. On the top of the head, you can see the values for each category. The symbolic, graphical illustrations will describe obesity and its ill effects. Download BODY MASS INDEX TEMPLATE and deliver a memorizing class to the beneficiaries.