• interaction infographics diagrams

Interaction infographics diagrams are a connected circle PowerPoint template showing a two-way interaction process. Every element has interdepended with one another. No one has been exempted from the linkages, either human life or the connection between the natural substances. So, every process has a dependence on its preceding stage, and the system is going on with the subsequent stages accordingly. This is a simple infographic diagram for business and real-life presentation that has been illustrated by the circle and curved arrow pointer vector graphics. For example, the symbiotic relationship between human and animal kingdom and preserving and subsistence level connection with the natural life cycle can be displayed here.

The interaction infographic PowerPoint template is fit for process flow shows with the two-way relationship. It is a professional business diagram of timeline ppt design to discuss sales processes, strategies guidelines, and development models. The connection between the two sections is shown by the thin arrow curves on the outer field. This is a new way to show the cyclic process, and it also shows how cause and effect are firmly related to the variables. The PowerPoint objects show the smooth flow of happenings in one track, so it is appropriate for presenting linear development systems or the process generation in step by step chain. However, at a glimpse, the generic PowerPoint shapes show a gap between each structure.

The interaction PowerPoint template has a separate review system so that the presenters can highlight their topic up to 4 stages in detail. Being a multipurpose diagram, it allows any subject to add-on. Besides, the presenters can display their issues by using separate creations. And it may enable the user to create detailed presentations on both oral and textual notes. However, the diagram may ensure stage-by-stage representation without losing the elements because of the easy-to-learn design. Moreover, the visual artworks of individual activity help the viewers to develop an interest and its mental image.