• World Map Infographic PowerPoint Template

Word Map Infographic Template for PowerPoint

World map infographic template shows the silhouette background of a world map with four location placeholders. This is the geographical presentation template created for business purposes to display the global reach of your business or displaying business expansion plans that might be implemented in near terms. Our world map infographic for PowerPoint presentation is ideal to display international relations and domestic dealings kind of slide connections in a very broad range. It can be used to display networking extension plans. The map template contains a navigation compass that helps to discover possible networks and markets. The current global market distribution of a company can be highlighted as well.

World map infographic PowerPoint presentation is a valuable ppt tool to present company presence in different locations. You can add more location indicators using edit options and presents the company’s global reach and extension plans according to your needs. Further, it is a world map ppt template of editable shapes and icons which is suitable for business presentations. For instance, envisaging geographical data during product marketing and sales strategy meeting i.e. global reach. Or, describing sales lands or possible opportunities in the global market. Besides, a map PowerPoint template could be used to mark the various locations that can be spotted on your business expansion plans.

World map infographic template for PowerPoint presentation contains all seven continents. The presenters can add position indicators to display the prescribed location that would give the highest priority for the company sales plans. Each of the written place zones is showing infographic icons and a clip design. You can change the default setting of the PowerPoint and add more location markers as per your presentation topic. Apart from business professionals, the template is fit to act for education needs i.e. teachers can use the template for study purposes and give an overall outlook on geographical matters.